Hal Sharp Judo Teachers Foundation

Hal Sharp

Hal Sharp Judo Teachers Foundation (referred to as the Foundation) is a nonprofit organization which is affiliated with the United States Judo Association (USJA) and the USJA/ US JF Grassroots Program and affiliate organizations. Application for 501 (C) (3) status for the Foundation is currently pending with the IRS. The purpose of the Foundation is to develop educational material including manuals, guides and videos to supplement judo programs related to promotions, certifications and training programs. A key objective of this education program is to create improved teaching methods and formulate structured judo programs, both short and long-range for people of all ages. The programs will be tailored to meet the needs of both the young and old, including physical development, mental challenges and practical self-defense applications. The foundation will research successful programs and teaching methods throughout the US and abroad. Incentives will be offered for those assisting in this research and those who are creatively involved in writing literature and filming judo and related activities.

Hal Sharp (age 30)

Income from the Foundation will help to fund judo development activities, produce high class educational material and build a consortium of educators. The need for this Foundation comes from the lack of emphasis of the development of teachers and teaching materials. Since judo has grown to the level of being an Olympic sport most of the development activities have emphasized creating champions, which only represents a small percentage of the judo community. Living in a modern society creates social pressures like bullying, the creation of computer/TV couch potatoes, financial and time management restraints and the threat of criminal activities. Society needs an activity like judo for their physical and mental development with a practical way to become well-adjusted and self-confident. Even short programs for people of all ages would provide enormous benefits that will help them live with confidence.

Hal Sharp, Chairman of the Foundation, is a 9th degree black belt and is an internationally acclaimed author of judo books and DVDs. Between the ages of 18 and 29 he lived seven years in Japan. In 1946 he served as a bodyguard to the Emperor on one occasion and in 1954 he earned the title of the All Japan Foreigner Judo Champion. Today at the age of 87 he still maintains a close relationship with top judo educators in Japan and Europe. Therefore he is well suited to lead the effort of this Foundation.