The Hal Sharp Judo Teachers Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to develop educational materials including manuals, guides and videos to supplement judo programs at the dojo. The Hal Sharp Judo Teachers Foundation directors have extensive teaching experience and libraries from which to draw. Through our membership we hopefully can create a consortium of judo educators. This site will make available the educational material from the Foundation as well as other Judo teachers from around the world  including France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, etc. As Judo is an endless subject, this website will always be a “work- in-progress”. Readers are encouraged  to submit articles or comments  that can be useful to other teachers . As the Foundation is nonpolitical , please avoid  commenting  on issues  relating to judo organization  problems  or personal matters , just think judo. This website  is essentially  a living  judo  reference document containing significant amount of articles , instructional text and  over 50 videos . Therefore, it  is suggested that the reader  keep a notebook  on the website’s material for future reference. If you find the material  in this website  of  benefit to  you, then donations  of any amount  would be appreciated .